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The Process

  •  Complete the "Contact Us" Form, including your preference of desired lot (or lots), so we can touch base with you and confirm availability. ​​

    • If you are represented by a licensed real estate agent, please include their contact information here.

  • Depending on our discussions up to this point OR if you'll be utilizing our Seller Finance Option, we will request an Application for Contract to make sure we have the most accurate information to prepare your documents.   ​

  • Once we have this information and an agreement to proceed, we will prepare a sales contract for you (and your agent, if applicable) to review with our mutual terms. ​​

    • If you are represented, your agent may submit a contract on your behalf that includes all of this information. ​Blank contract forms can be found in the Document Center or under Becoming an Owner. ​​​

  • Once we all sign, the contract will be sent to the Title Company so they can create a general file number. You'll need to deliver your initial deposit here as well. This deposit is $5,000, of which $1,500 is nonrefundable.

  • Once accepted, you'll receive a fully receipted copy of our contract from the Title Company, who will then issue the title commitment & supporting documents to the parties. 

    • There will be a 21-day Option Period for the parties to review all aspects of the transaction. 


  • If the transaction proceeds following said Option Period, you'll need to deliver the second half of your deposit ($5,000) within 7 days.

  • After that, we coordinate with the Title Company and close the deal!

Please note that this detail is provided for informational purposes only and is NOT meant to substitute for or take the place of professional real estate and/or legal counsel.

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