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 Contact Form is completed OR an Application for Contract is filled out. Please include preference of desired lot(s) so we can confirm availability.


If you don't have an agent or attorney, please indicate that here.

Sales contract prepared for Buyer. Offer and initial deposit submitted to us. Standard purchase forms available here and in the Document Center below.


Deposit is $5,000 up front ($1,500 of which is nonrefundable).

Once mutually executed, the signed contract and initial cash deposit(s) are sent to the Title Company so they can create a general file number. 


Seller may continue taking backup offers until  transaction is closed.​​

Buyer will receive a copy from our office, as well as a fully receipted copy from the Title Company, which then issues the title commitment & supporting documents. 


Buyer has a 21-day Option Period to review all aspects of transaction.​​

If transaction proceeds, Buyer must deposit another $5,000 within 7 days. Then, Buyer and Seller will coordinate with Independence Title Company to close the transaction!

Document Center

Flat-Rate Seller Financing

A flexible finance option that provides you the time to do what you need to, at your own pace. Our flat-rate mortgage loan not only gives you peace of mind, but rewards you with a discount for paying off early (or switching to permanent financing) instead of hitting you with a penalty.

  • One-stop-shop for your investment

  • No hassle application process

  • Quick closing available

  • 20% down payment

  • 48 month term with flat 3.95% for first 3 years

Check out our sample term sheet here or contact our Property Manager to find out how we can help you get to The Point!

The Process

Ready to lock in your lot, but still  need time to figure out the plan?

Traditional financing not quite ready?

Resource Center
The Process

Owner Resources

Whether your goal is building your dream home or acquiring land for the sake of it, our process is geared to help streamline the investment process for you. If you have any questions about that process or to reserve your lot(s), please contact our team to discuss what happens next. We're prepared to work with you and your agent to make the acquisition process as smooth as possible! 

Seller Financing

Draft Forms

Lots 1-5, 34-40,

42-46, and 67

Lots 6-22, 23-33,

47-53, 54-66

Community Resources

Community Resources

Local & Surrounding Area Resources

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