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Frequently Asked Questions

The Drawing Board

Is there electric service?

Yes. The property coordinated with Pedernales Electric Cooperative to provide the property with 120/240 volt, single phase, 3 wire, 60 cycle, alternating current brought to each lot at the roadway.

What is the minimum square footage for my home?

Excluding your porch or garage, the home should be 1,800 square feet total for a single story and 2,200 SF total for a two-story. 

Are barndominiums acceptable?

So long as the architectural motifs and surface material requirements are still met, yes.

Can I put a work shop or barn on my lot?

Yes. Up to three outbuildings are permitted per lot, exclusive of well houses, which do not count toward an owner's outbuilding maximum. Each structure should be no more than 750 square feet. 

Do I have to build on my lot?

No. There is no build-time requirement, or requirement to build at all. 

How many horses can I have?

A 3-acre lot can accommodate up to 2 horses (or donkeys). If you own multiple lots, there should be no more than 1 horse (or donkey) per 1.5 acres. 

What are the rules on other animals?

Owners may have the following animals (maximums for each are the numbers indicated):

  • Horses (including donkeys) - 2 per 1.5 acres

  • Bovine - 1

  • Dogs - 4

  • Cats (interior domestic only) - 1 per family member

  • Goats - 6

  • Chickens (no roosters) - 18 hens

Birds isolated to cages within the home, fish and other animals isolated to tanks within the home including but not limited to turtles, snakes, mice, guinea pigs and lizards are also permitted to be kept.


Swine are not permitted. 

Do I have to drill my own well? What about septic?

Yes. Those lots which do not already have wells drilled will need to have one installed by owner for private water supply. An on-site sewage facility or septic system will also need to be installed by owner. 

Can I live in an RV on my lot? Can I park an RV during construction?

Owners may park an RV on their lot during construction, no more than 120 days prior to construction commencing and no longer than 15 months in total.

Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and recreational vehicles used for permanent residence are strictly prohibited. 

What are the setback requirements?

Homes should be set back 50' from the edge of the roadway and 50' from the side and back lot lines. 

Where can I find the deed restrictions or POA by-laws?

All documents related to the property can be found in our Document Center, but here are the quick links for the property's DCCR's and POA By-Laws

What does "two-tier POA" mean?

The Prairie Point Property Owner's Association bills annual POA dues based on whether a lot is "improved" or not. Vacant or unimproved lots are assessed $315 annually. Improved lots are assessed $630 annually. "Improved" means a home has been constructed on it, or is substantially completed as of the first day of the fiscal year. 

How do I get my mailbox?

  1. Once you've begun construction, you'll need to reach out to the 911 coordinator to register your new physical address with Burnet County. Click here to visit their page and print your registration form. 

  2. Provide your new address to the Property Manager in order to receive your mailbox key. Your key can be sent to your current mailing address, picked up at the seller's physical office, or personally delivered to you (subject to fee and availability). 

  3. Once you've received your mailbox key, you'll need to take it, along with your escrow papers) to the USPS office located at 135 W Farm to Market Rd 243, Bertram, TX 78605.


For additional information on this process, please contact the Burnet County 911 Coordinator (512-756-5458) or the Bertram Postmaster (512-355-2144). 

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